Tattoo Services


  • We offer tattoo pricing in person, we do not provide pricing over the phone or by message.
  • Tattoo pricing varies on a number of things, size, detail, placement, color, etc. This is why we encourage setting up a free consultation to discuss exact pricing with your artist.
  • Studio minimum is $100 - This covers the tray set up, gloves, ink, needles, caps and other supplies necessary regardless of how small the tattoo may be. Our artists use only the highest quality needles, organic inks and eco friendly supplies. If you are wanting a very small piece, we encourage doing it at the same time as receiving a larger piece in order to make it worth the tray set up fee.


Start with a consult!

  • We offer free tattoo consultations to go over your tattoo ideas with your artist, this gives them time to discuss size, color, placement, pricing and other details of your piece. From there our artist can go over availability and schedule you an appointment. Bring photo references with you to show your artist what you had in mind, keep in mind that we will only use them as a reference and will never copy or duplicate someone else's tattoo or artwork but we will create a one of a kind piece specifically for you!
  • Ready to schedule a consult? Click Here 

(Chris Weiss' books are currently closed, all consults will be with our artist Owen Black.)


Deposit & Scheduling

  • In order to set up an appointment, we require a Non-Refundable deposit to be paid.
  • Deposits are put in place to hold the appointed time for clients, your deposit is to ensure that the artist's set-up time, drawing time, tools, and material cost will be compensated whether you show up for your appointment or not.
  • Please be on time or up to 5 minutes early, as we will not keep our next clients with scheduled appointments waiting. You'll have to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late.