COVID19 Closure





We have decided to postpone all piercing
& jewelry change appointments until further notice.

We were hoping it wouldn't come to this but ultimately had to make the safest decision for both our clients & our artists.

After watching the COVID-19 numbers jump drastically over the last few days, we feel
it's necessary to postpone all appointments and encourage our clients to stay home!!

It is our hope that the sooner we all hunker down
& stay home, the sooner we can slow the spread
and get back to seeing clients.

We understand that everyone will be in a financial crunch for the unforeseeable future but if you find
yourself in need of body jewelry, saline solution, etc. please know that we have
been working non-stop on this new website/webstore the last few days to get it up and running!

Most basic jewelry options are uploaded and ready, however you may notice blank items as we continue to upload photos and product descriptions to thousands of pieces we currently have in stock. If there is a specific piece you are looking for but not seeing it posted, please reach out to us and we will send you a direct link to that item.

We will also be offering virtual piercing check-ups/downsizes, earlobe stretching schedules, tutorials on how to change your jewelry, piercing/tattoo consults and anything else you may need from us during this unexpected closure.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are still helping assist clients with piercing emergencies or needing jewelry changes in order to switch to retainers for medical procedures. 
Text us at 435-262-9915 

We appreciate your understanding and continued support, please try to 
support all local businesses and help those in need anyway you can!

Be kind, stay safe & stay home!

We hope we get to see you all real soon.

-Lotus Body Adornment

Text us for piercing & jewelry support, we're here for you! 

Click the link below to schedule a video consultation with our piercer, this appointment can be used to ask any questions you have, do piercing check-ups & downsize consults, troubleshoot piercing flare-ups, stretching schedules and tutorials on how to change your own jewelry.

Currently times will be available Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm but

please text us and we will accommodate clients needing later times. 


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Video Consult, Stretching Schedule or Jewelry Change Tutorial

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