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Piercing Services




:: Piercing Pricing & Jewelry Selection ::

Piercing Tray Fee + Price of Jewelry Selected = Total Cost of Service 


We have an extensive collection of Swarovski Gemstones (in every color imaginable), Titanium Clusters, Genuine and Synthetic Opals & Natural Stones, Genuine Diamonds and solid 14k & 18k gold design tops to choose from, therefore pricing will always be dependent on the piece of jewelry you select at the time of your appointment.

Our pricing structure consists of the tray set up fee plus the jewelry selected, most piercings with our most basic implant grade titanium jewelry options will start around $65-$75 and will go up from there if you decide to upgrade. We are happy to work within any clients budget and will show you all the jewelry options within that range, upgrading is optional. All clients will have the opportunity to approve the final price and make any adjustments to their selection if needed.

The Piercing Fee is for the piercing procedure itself, which will cover the cost of the piercing tools & supplies used, sterilization process of jewelry and the piercers time for the service.

This includes the following supplies such as; drop cloths, qtips, gloves, sterilization pouches, integrator strips, distilled water, sterile markers, antiseptic skin cleanser, disinfectant wipes, mouthwash, cups, single use saline, iodine & alcohol wipes.


:: Age & ID Policies::

· 6-17 years old with proper ID's and Birth Certificate

· 18+ with valid photo ID


· 14-17 years old with photo ID's and Birth Certificate

· 18+ with valid photo ID


· Must be 18 or older with valid ID, NO exceptions. 


** Under the age of 14 we ONLY offer soft tissue lobe piercings, no cartilage or facial piercings. 


** Any cartilage, navel, facial, oral or multiple piercings done in one sitting on minors 14-17 will be at the discretion of our piercer and dependent on the clients past history with piercings and other lifestyle factors.

:: Acceptable forms of identification include ::
•Driver's License
•State Issued I.D.
•Military ID
•School I.D. (Acceptable for minor's ONLY, along with Birth Certificate)

We need the ID every time you need any procedure performed, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion.

If you are under the age of 18: Lotus Body Adornment along with the State of Utah requires a parental guardian to accompany the minor with their valid ID, showing photo, name and birthdate (see above list). The minor will need their birth certificate as well as a photo ID. Only parents or legal guardians can sign for a minor. In the event of different last names, addresses, etc., we will need paperwork proving legal custody. This can include court papers, change of name forms, birth certificates, insurance cards with both names, or school transcripts or medical bills including the minor's name but addressed to the guardian.

Please call or text us before making an appointment or walking in for any piercing on a minor so that we can discuss everything needed. 435-262-9915

::Jewelry Changes and Stretching Schedules::




If you still have additional questions that have not been answered above, please visit our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions