We are by appointment only for all sales and services, please schedule accordingly.

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1 General Studio Info
1.1 What's the best way to contact Lotus?


◊ TEXT us directly at 435-262-9915

We understand you probably have questions before scheduling, may need to cancel/reschedule appointments or have an emergency like lost jewelry or an inflamed piercing. We are here and want to respond/help as quickly as we can but we do need clients to understand that if both our full time piercers are booked back to back, then we unfortunately can't make it to the phone.


If we do not answer your call, then please hang up and text us with your name and what you're needing and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We try to check the phone periodically between scheduled clients but most times will get back to all missed messages early morning before we open or right before we close. Please expect a delayed response if you wrote us after hours/holidays. 


If at any point you're still not getting a response during regular business hours, then please just send a follow up text so that your message gets pushed back to the top. We recieve 50+ texts a day and do our best to wrap up all conversations but some slip through and get pushed to the bottom.


1.2 Do I have to schedule an appointment?


◊ YES!  

At this time we require an appointment for ANY and ALL services we offer, including JEWELRY PURCHASES. 


A simple inquiry about jewelry, pricing or even a "quick" jewelry change can often end up taking more time than expected, so trying to walk-in will take our time and attention away from our clients with scheduled appointments and sets us back the rest of the day. Being by appointment only helps keep us on schedule and able to dedicate one on one time with our clients, we never want our services to feel rushed.


We book appointments back to back, which means we unfortunately will not have a staff member available to open display cases, go over our jewelry options, pricing or help you properly fit/change your jewelry. Don't disappoint yourself by showing up and not getting helped, please schedule accordingly


1.3 Do you take walk-ins?


◊ Unfortunately Not


 At this time we cannot accommodate any walk-ins but our current availability is visible online and scheduling with us is very simple.


Keep in mind that if you go to schedule for a service and the day/time you are hoping for is not showing up, then this means it is booked or outside of business hours. If it was the only day/timeframe that was going to work for you, then feel free to call or text us to be added to our cancellation list. 435-262-9915


As we grow as a business, we look forward to having more employees/piercers on staff to accommodate walk-ins.



1.4 Why are deposits required in order to schedule an appointment?


Deposits are NOT an additional fee and it will always go towards the overall cost of your service, deposits are only forfeited if any of the following things occur.


• You fail to show up to your appointment

• Are more than 10 minutes late to a 30 minute appointment, 5 minutes late to a 15 minute appointment

• You fail to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment


Your deposit helps us know your level of commitment to show up for the scheduled appointment. Many clients don't realize that this is a full time job for our piercers and other staff, this is their only source of income to provide for themselves and their families.


When a client doesn't commit to their scheduled appointment or fails to notify us within a reasonable amount of time, the piercer loses out on that income. Along with lost time, wasted supplies and often not given enough notice to be able to fill your missed appointment. If multiple clients cancel or no show in a single day, this leaves them with zero income for the day. This goes for most people in service industries, especially body art and beauty services. 


1.5 What if I'm not seeing the day/time that I wanted available?


Then that means it's either days that we are closed (Sunday & Monday's, Holidays, etc) or it's a day that is already fully booked, our online schedule is always showing our current availability. You can always call or text us to be added to our cancellation list. 435-262-9915


1.6 I was trying to schedule an appointment but the available time disappeared?


It doesn't happen often but it can happen! This unfortunately means that you and another person may have been scheduling for a time slot at the exact same time and whoever completes the booking first will get the appointment. If this happens, then you simply need to go back and select a different time/day. Creating an online account with us is recommended so that it saves you time on completing the form! 


1.7 Am I supposed to leave a tip?


Tipping is never expected but is always greatly appreciated!!


Like many service industries, from servers, hairstylists, estheticians, tattoo artists and bartenders, tipping is simply an opportunity to thank the person for their time and personalized skilled service. 


How much should I tip?: Follow standard tipping practices like at a restaurant, 15-20% depending on how good the service was. Of course the amount should reflect your overall experience, you should feel good about leaving a tip but never obligated. 

1.8 What are the age requirements for piercings at Lotus?


  • ◊ Basic Lobes: 

· 6-17 years old with proper ID's and Birth Certificate

· 18+ with valid photo ID


  • ◊ Cartilage & other basic piercings:

· 14-17 years old with photo ID's and Birth Certificate

· 18+ with valid photo ID


  • ◊ Nipples, Genital or Surface anchor piercings:

· Must be 18 or older with valid ID, NO exceptions. 


** Under the age of 14 we ONLY offer soft tissue lobe piercings, no cartilage or facial piercings. 


** Any cartilage, navel, facial, oral or multiple piercings done in one sitting on minors 14-17 will be at the discretion of our piercer and dependent on the clients past history with piercings and other lifestyle factors.


2 Piercings on Minors (6-13 Years Old)
2.1 Is a Consultation Required for Minors


  • ◊ YES!!

Especially for children 6-10 years old and for ages 11-13 that have never had piercings before or had a bad piercing experience in the past. 


◊ CLICK HERE to schedule for a FREE Children's Consultation


2.2 What's the youngest you'll pierce children's earlobes?


6 years old is the age we have decided is the youngest we are comfortable piercing, this is due to personal piercing experience, training and a ton of research.


We want them to be old enough to ask for the piercing themselves, able to ask any questions/concerns, follow basic instructions during the piercing service and during the healing process when it comes to aftercare. Read below for more info..

2.3 What are the dangers of piercing infants and younger children?


We chose 6 years old because this is when the first main growth spurt of the ears is complete. Most of our current adult clients who had their ears pierced under the age of 6 commonly end up having them re-pierced once they are older because their ears were not finished growing and so their piercings end up uneven. Also, the health risks that come with piercing infants/toddlers is much higher since their immune system isn't fully developed, so they are more prone to infections and other complications.


Young children have the tendency to constantly touch fresh piercings or accidentally pull out their jewelry, causing more irritation, prolonging the healing period or full closure of the piercing. We feel that around the age of 6 they are mature enough to know how the process works, can ask for the piercings themselves and understand/follow basic aftercare instructions. We personally feel it's not worth putting infants/toddlers at risk just to have piercings, therefore we do not offer them.

Click the links below for educational articles from a professional piercers point of view.


◊ Studio Checklist


◊ Lotus Piercing Gun Information


APP Piercing Standards & Piercing Gun Safety Concerns


Why Infants & Young Children should NOT be pierced


Why Children's consent matters to professional piercers


 Why you should NOT be pierced with a Piercing Gun EVER! (Not even Earlobes)

Children's Ear Growth Rate - Medical Source

**To understand more regarding the growth rate and age correlation, we encourage you to read this transcript by Joe Niamtulll taken from the Cosmetic Facial Surgery (2nd Edition), dated 2018.


2.4 Child Identification and Required Documents


All 3 items are required at time of appointment:


  • ◊Minor's Birth Certificate
  • ◊Minor's Photo ID
  • ◊Guardian's Photo ID


Yes, we understand that most children will not have a state issued photo ID, which is why we accept anything that simply shows a current photo of the child with their legal name alongside it. This ID along with the parents ID is what we compare to the names on the birth certificate presented to us. 


This informs us that the parent present does in fact have guardianship over the child and that they can legally sign for the minor. Which helps us avoid conflict with other family members, siblings, friends, friends parents, etc. trying to sign for your child. 

*Step parents can only sign for minors if they have court documentation showing that they are in fact a legal guardian.


2.5 What types of Photo ID will work for a minor


Most schools offer a Safety Identification Card, these are perfect and most times free. They are primarily used so that if a child is lost and doesn't know their information they can give the ID to an adult or police officer, so we highly recommend getting one. 


If your school does not offer these or your child is homeschooled, then most local Police/Fire stations offer these safety identifications for children, contact your local department or city office for details. 


All acceptable forms of Photo ID's are the following:


◊ Safety Identification Card: Most schools offer this when your selecting your school photo package


◊ School ID or School/Class Photos: Most school photos come in a white envelope that has a thumbnail of the child's photo that lists their name alongside it, so even the envelope itself can be used. 


◊ Online school portal photo: Some schools allow you to log in and your Child's photo and name is listed


◊ Community Center/Library Card (If it includes a photo and child's name)


◊ Passport (Must include a fairly recent photo)


◊ State Identification Card: You can contact the local DMV about getting a State ID for your child, these work just like the safety identification cards and are accessible to anyone in case a safety ID card is not available in your area.


If you still cannot come up with anything that has a photo of the minor with their name listed, then the only other thing we can accept are any of the following:


◊ School Transcripts, Medical or Insurance documents that list both the child and guardians name


2.6 I'm a minor, can I sign for myself or have someone other than a legal guardian sign for me?

◊ Unfortunately Not

Only a minor that is legally emancipated from their guardians and has valid court documents can sign for themselves.


Older siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, parents of friends, etc. cannot sign for you unless they can provide court documents showing they have legal guardianship over you. 


3 Piercing Questions
3.1 How much do piercings cost?

Piercing Tray Fee + Price of Jewelry Selected = Total Cost of Service 

We have multiple Swarovski gem colors, titanium clusters, natural stones, opals, genuine diamonds and solid 14k & 18k gold design tops to choose from, therefore pricing will always be dependent on the piece of jewelry you select at the time of your appointment.


Our pricing structure consists of the tray set up fee plus the jewelry selected, most piercings with our most basic implant grade titanium jewelry options will start around $65-$75 and will go up from there if you decide to upgrade. We are happy to work within any clients budget and will show you all the jewelry options within that range, upgrading is optional. All clients will have the opportunity to approve the final price and make any adjustments to their selection if needed.

3.2 What is the piercing tray fee?

This is the base fee for the piercing procedure itself, which will cover the cost of the piercing tools & supplies used, sterilization process of jewelry and the piercers time for the service. 


This includes the following supplies such as; drop cloths, qtips, gloves, sterilization pouches, distilled water, sterile markers, antiseptic skin cleanser, disinfectant wipes, mouthwash, cups, single use saline, iodine & alcohol wipes. 



3.3 Am I able to use my own jewelry for a fresh piercing?


  • ◊ Unfortunately Not

Due to regulations put in place by our local health department, we cannot use any outside body jewelry if it was not purchased here at our studio or is from a reputable piercing studio or jewelry manufacturer. This is because we cannot vouch for or verify the quality, material, gauge/size of your jewelry, we must ensure that all jewelry used is implant grade, fully sterilized and the proper length to accommodate initial swelling of fresh piercings.


If you are wanting to use jewelry that was purchased from us/reputable studio, you can bring it by the studio 2-3 days before your scheduled appointment for inspection. This allows us time so we can properly sterilize the jewelry, make sure it is not scratched, bent or otherwise tarnished and make sure it will work for the piercing you are wanting to have done.


4.1 Is the staff at Lotus fully vaccinated?


  • ◊ Yes we are! 

4.2 Are masks required?


Updated March 2022:


  • ◊ No 

At this time we are not requiring clients to wear a mask but encourage those who still choose to and clients will have the option to request that their piercer wear a mask during their service on the intake form when scheduling with us.


We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to our studio!



If you have additional questions that were not listed above, please send us your question or recommendation of what to add to our FAQ section.


· Text: 435-262-9915


· Email: [email protected] 


or simply fill out the form directly below.