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1 General Studio Info
1.1 Do I have to schedule an appointment?

Yes, it is always recommended to schedule an appointment for any of the services we offer. A simple inquiry about a tattoo or a quick jewelry change can often end up taking more time than expected, so just walking in can often end up taking time away from our clients that have scheduled appointments with us. 

1.2 Do you take walk-ins?

Only when time and availability allows for us to, our artists tend to be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months booked out. So it's best to call or text us before heading to the studio, this way we can inform you of our current availability and can also add you to our cancellation list for a specific day or timeframe, this way we can notify you if a time becomes available. 

1.3 Why are deposits required in order to schedule an appointment?

Your deposit helps the artist know your level of commitment to show up to your scheduled appointment. Many clients don't tend to realize that this is a full time job for our artists and staff, this is their only source of income to provide for themselves and their families. When a client does not commit to their scheduled appointment or fails to notify their artist within a reasonable amount of time, the artist loses out on that income, as well as lost time, wasted supplies and often not given enough notice to be able to fill your missed appointment. If multiple clients cancel or no show in a single day, this leaves artists with zero income for the day. 

Deposits are not an additional fee and it will always go towards the overall cost of your service, deposits are only forfeited if you fail to show up to your appointment, are more than 10 minutes late or you fail to cancel within the 24hr-48hr time period dependent on your service.

1.4 What are the age requirements for piercings at Lotus?
  • Basic Lobes: 6-17 years old with proper ID's and Birth Certificate, 18+ with valid photo ID
  • Cartilage & other basic piercings: 14-17 years old with photo ID's and Birth Certificate, 18+ with valid photo ID
  • Nipples or Surface anchors: Must be 18 or older with valid ID, no exceptions. 

** Under the age of 14 we can only offer basic lobe piercings

** Cartilage, tongue or multiple piercings will be done on minors 14-17 at the discretion of our piercer and dependent on the clients past history with piercings. 

1.5 What are the age requirements for tattoos at Lotus?
  • 18 and older with valid ID
  • Minors 14-17 years of age will only be considered if its a memorial piece or a symbolic family piece but its ultimately up to the artist's discretion and terms. We recommend setting up a free tattoo consultation, to discuss all options with your artist.
2.1 Are masks required?

Yes! Due to current guidelines put in place from the Southwest Utah Health Department masks must be worn by both the staff and clients entering the building.

2.2 What if I don't have a mask or face covering?

Just let us know and we will provide a mask to you free of charge!!

2.3 If I cannot wear a mask due to a serious health condition, what are my options?

Unfortunately due to the services we provide our staff is always in close proximity to our clients, therefore at this time we cannot honor any medical exemptions and would require that you hold off on scheduling until mask restrictions are lifted. Please contact us to be put on a wait list and we will contact you once health guidelines are lifted.

2.4 I have recently traveled outside of Southern Utah within the last two weeks, can I still schedule an appointment?

At this time, we must enforce the two week quarantine guidelines for both our staff and any clients wanting to schedule with us. So please be sure to schedule accordingly and let a staff member know if you've been traveling or are experiencing any symptoms.

2.5 Are all piercing appointments currently available?

As of right now, we will not offer any piercings that fall under a mask (e.g. Nostril, Septum and any oral/lip piercings) as well as certain ear piercings that a mask will cause extreme trauma or complications to. For ear piercings that we are offering, we will recommend that clients find a mask that ties behind the back of the head and doesn't loop behind the ears.

3 Piercing Questions
3.1 Can I use my own jewelry for a fresh piercing?

No. Due to regulations put in place by our health department, we cannot use any worn jewelry or jewelry that was not purchased here at our studio.

If you are wanting to use jewelry that was purchased from us, you can bring it by the studio so we can properly sterilize the jewelry, make sure it is not scratched, bent or otherwise tarnished and make sure it will work for the piercing you are wanting to have done.

3.2 How much do piercings cost?

Our pricing structure consists of the tray set up fee plus the jewelry selected, most piercings with our most basic implant grade titanium jewelry option will start around $55-$65 and will go up from there if you decide to upgrade. We have multiple gem colors, natural stones, opals and gold design tops to choose from, therefore pricing will always be dependent on the piece of jewelry you select at the time of your appointment.

3.3 What is the piercing tray fee?

Piercing Tray Fee + Price of Jewelry Selected = Total Cost of Service 

This is the base fee for the piercing procedure itself, which will cover the cost of the piercing tools & supplies used, sterilization process of jewelry and the piercers time for the service. 

This includes the following supplies such as; drop cloths, qtips, gloves, sterilization pouches, distilled water, sterile markers, antiseptic skin cleanser, disinfectant wipes, mouthwash, cups, single use saline & alcohol wipes. 



4 Children's Piercings
4.1 What's the youngest you'll pierce children's earlobes?

6 years old is the age we have decided is the youngest we will pierce, this is due to personal piercing experience, training and a ton of research.

4.2 What are the dangers of piercing infants and younger children?

We chose 6 years old because this is when the first main growth spurt of the ears is complete. Most of our current adult clients who had their ears pierced under the age of 6 commonly end up having them re-pierced once they are older because their ears were not finished growing and so their piercings end up uneven. Also, the health risks that come with piercing infants/toddlers is much higher since their immune system isn't fully developed, so they are more prone to infections and other complications. They also tend to touch the fresh piercings or pull out their jewelry, causing more irritation and prolonging the healing period. We feel that around the age of 6 they are mature enough to know how the process works and can ask for the piercings themselves, they can also understand and follow basic aftercare instructions. We personally feel it's not worth putting infants/toddlers at risk just to have piercings, therefore we do not offer them.

Click the link below for an educational article from a professional piercers point of view.