Piercing Aftercare


At the time of any piercing service at our studio, you will be thoroughly briefed on the correct aftercare procedures for your new piercing.

We also offer personal piercing support, so clients can call or text us at anytime if they are having any issues, questions or concerns. 435-262-9915

Aftercare mainly consists of daily soaks & using a Sterile Saline solution. For oral piercings, Alcohol-FREE mouthwash will also be used.

You will NEVER want to use rubbing alcohol, bactine, hydrogen peroxide, betadine, Dial or any other strong formulated soaps or cleansers. These can irritate your piercing and delay the healing process.

Also avoid using ointments, such as Neosporin. They don't let your piercing get the air circulation it needs and may contain ingredients that are not safe for long-term use.