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Studio Checklist

We would love to meet you and show you our beautiful studio!

You should always visit a studio prior to having a service done, this gives you the opportunity to make sure it's a clean, professional environment and ask the piercer any questions or concerns you may have prior to having a service done.

We always recommend scheduling a FREE consultation to come visit our studio and meet our piercers, use the link below to schedule. Walking in without an appointment is not recommended, since our staff will be busy with scheduled clients and won't be able to assist you and answer questions.

Schedule A Free Consultation


Use the information below to educate yourself on what to look for and questions you can ask during your visit at any studio.




Questions to ask & things to look for:










Reviews & Research

Always ask friends and family for referrals, make a post for referrals on social media platforms and take the time to read a studio's reviews.









You never want to choose a studio based on price or soonest availability



Does the studio use a piercing gun for any piercing services?

Single Use Hollow Needles

Needles shown in a new light, when it comes to body piercings there is no need to be fearful of needles. 




What is an autoclave and why is it so important?

The studio you go to should be happy and willing to answer this question!

Why are they primary used for piercings and not tattoos?


Your piercer or artist should ALWAYS be wearing gloves!